Edit or delete phone number

What can i do to correct or remove my phone number?

The information published at Merinfo.se originates from different departements at the government and telecom carriers. Therefor it is important that any changes also is submitted to the government even though a correction is requested by Merinfo.

Merinfo.se collects data regarding phone numbers (fixed and mobile) from suppliers. The suppliers in their turn collects the data from the telecom carriers who in our case is the source of the information.

Normally, within a few days, any correction or enlisting from public services occurs automatically regarding the information published at Merinfo.se. For example: A new phone subscription is taken by a company or a person. A few days later the number is listed at Merinfo.se. Example 2: A person does not wish to have his or her phone number published at Merinfo.se any more. All changes made to the telecom carriers is normally updated at Merinfo.se in  amateur of a few days.

If the information is not corrected automatically within a few days, that could mean that there is an error somewhere in the handling of the data from the telecom carriers or from our supplier.

To correct information regarding phone numbers, the first thing to do is to contact your telecom carrier. If the correction is not made within a week automatically at Merinfo, send us a mail at info (at) merinfo.se and request the correction. Please note that if the same correction is not made at your telecom carrier there will be no change at Merinfo.se.